We would like to invite you to explore the beautiful world of HIROSHI TADOKORO’s traditional Japanese style paintings!

HIROSHI TADOKORO was born in Nara Prefecture, Japan, in 1936, and studied Western style painting at the Osaka Municipal Art Institute.  While struggling as a working art student in Osaka, he met the eminent traditional Japanese painter, Kunitaro Suda (1891-1961), whose work inspired in him a strong sense of affinity for his homeland Japan.  Suda’s influence coincided with a powerful reawakening of HIROSHI TADOKORO’s awareness of, and appreciation for, his childhood impressions of the majestic natural scenery and familiar surroundings of “Yamato” (Ancient Japan), and imbued him with an intense determination to master the more ancient Japanese painting styles, leading him to enroll in the famous Kibo Kodama Private Art School.  While attending the school, he suffered a grave illness; however, he eventually recovered with the support of his many friends and teachers, such as his mentor, Genso Okuda, the renowned traditional Japanese style painter of the Showa era.  Today, HIROSHI TADOKORO’s inspirational story is well known throughout Japan, overcoming a serious sickness to achieve national acclaim as one of Japan’s most prestigious, award-winning painters of the current Heisei era.

The dominant themes of HIROSHI TADOKORO’s paintings are characterized by indwelling his own inner spirit or personal emotions within the images of life forces he sees in the realistic and delicate natural beauty of the flowers, birds, and landscapes that surrounded him as he was growing up in Japan. He has mastered the ancient Japanese style of painting known as “Nihonga” (Nihon=Japan; ga=painting), using time consuming, traditional techniques for extracting water soluble pigments from all natural materials, painstakingly applied, touch by touch, layer by layer, as if patiently waiting for each floral image to awaken and blossom. His beautiful flowers and landscapes appear to be strikingly vivid, colorful, and real, but always subtle, remaining true to the motif which has become his hallmark. In 2002, HIROSHI TADOKORO reached the pinnacle of his career as an artist with his exhibit entitled, “Bara” (Roses), which won the Japanese Prime Minister’s Award, the highest honor bestowed upon an artist’s work in Japan; awarded at the 34th Nitten (Japan Fine Arts Exhibition), Japan’s most prestigious national combined arts exhibition—considered to be the largest of its kind in the world!

McTech International is proud to present a rare collection of HIROSHI TADOKORO’s traditional Japanese style paintings to you and the world at large. We are confident that you will discover the natural beauty of “Nihonga” in the embodiment of his works, a unique Japanese painting style which is distinctly different from Western oil paintings. McTech International is pleased to offer some of HIROSHI TADOKORO’s most cherished pieces for sale. We hope you will enjoy your visit to our exhibition of these precious works of art and learn more about the artist and his art form. If you are interested in arranging a purchase, we will be happy to assist you.